Localización de controles



  1. TELESCOPIC ANTENNA. Unfold it to tune in better.
  2. SCREEN.
  3. VOL - : Press to increase the volume.
  4. VOL + : Press to increase the volume.
  5. TUNINGmceclip0.png  : Manual tuning. Press once to advance step by step, or press and hold     to advance faster.
  6. PHONE: Headphone jack (not included).
  7. DC 5V: Input for external power (not included) and battery charger.
  8. BATTERY COMPARTMENT: In the back of the equipment. Use the rechargeable Li-ion 3.7V 800mAh mobile type battery BL-5C(included). Also,     you can use 3 x 1.5V ALKALINE LR03 AAA batteries (not included).
  9. mceclip1.png/STAND BY : (ON / OFF) Press to turn on and press again to turn off     the radio.
  10. PRESETmceclip0.png  : Press to scroll through the tuned stations.
  • PROG: Automatic tuning. With the radio on, press and hold to     save all stations automatically.
  • CLOCK: Setting the hour and minutes. With the radio turned off, press and hold     to adjust the time. Press to confirm and then press PRESETmceclip0.png  to increase or decrease hours, confirm and then minutes, confirm.


  • Switch between FM or AM.
  • ALARM: Alarm setting. With the radio turned off, press and hold the     AM/FM key to start, then press PRESETmceclip0.png to set the hour, minutes, alarm type and volume. (Press AM/FM to     confirm each step).

Note: Press to deactivate/activate the alarm. Using the keys on the front snooze the alarm, it repeats every 9 minutes. To stop it completely press the keymceclip1.png/STAND BY.

AUTO POWER OFF: It automatically turns off after the time that we have selected (15/30/45/60/75/90 minutes). With the radio on, press and hold   the AM/FM key, then press repeatedly to select the time.



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