Main functions of your SPC SMARTEE FEEL

From the main screen of your Smartee Feel, you can navigate to the management of all the functions 

To navigate through the menus, just press         the touch button. The screens you will see are as follows:



 To exit a menu, just press         the physical button.


Home screen

By holding down the touch button for a few seconds, you can access  the information screen:


There you can check the battery level, firmware version, MAC address and the BT icon that indicates that you have the bracelet linked to your phone.


Using your Smartee application you can set the type of start screen you want:

-Digital: Digital clock with date and steps

-Analogue: Analogue clock with steps, calories, cardio and day of the month


-Personalised: Set an image of your mobile as a wallpaper, choose whether to place the time at the top or bottom and the information you want to see on and under it (nothing, date, sleep time, cardio, steps) and select the colour that you want it to be shown in!



When uploading a new background, the clock is reset and the last 5 minutes of activity will not be saved.



On the activity page, you can check the steps, calories and         distance you have taken until that time of day.



In sleep, you can see how long you've slept tonight either         light or deep sleep.



In Cardio, you can check your pulse rate from the last automatic measurement         and the values of the last 7 manual measurements as well         as taking a measurement by holding down the touch button.



On the training page, you can access the sports integrated          in the bracelet:



To start a sport, simply press and hold the touch button for a few seconds and the bracelet will start monitoring it.. To finish it, while on the sport screen, press and hold the button for a few seconds and select the stop option stop.



If the watch has obtained the location of your phone, you can check         the current weather forecast based on your GPS position for today         and the next 5 days.


To make sure you get the weather information, open Google maps on android or maps on iOS and verify that what is shown matches your current location. Once confirmed, open Smartee and synchronise the bracelet so that it obtains the necessary information to display the weather screen.


On the notifications page, you can read the last 3 notifications         that your connected mobile has sent through Smartee. Simply press and hold to access them and press to move forward.



On the sports page, you can access the 4 sports integrated          into the bracelet:


Timer - Stopwatch function.

Silence - Activates the silent mode to prevent the watch giving you notifications.

Brightness - Adjusts the screen brightness.

Shutter - With the phone in camera mode, press and hold to take a picture.

Player - Allows you to control the playback of certain applications on you mobile. 

Reset - Deletes all watch data.

Turn off - Turn off the watch.

Back - Exit the settings menu.


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