Components and controls


  1. RESET: Press the button if the speaker does not respond.
  2. DC 5V: Connect the micro USB cable to charge the device.
  3. LED charge status indicator: With the cable connected; On-charging and Off-charged
  4. AUX: Use the standard 3.5 audio cable to connect external audio sources.
  5. LED Bluetooth indicator: The LED indicates the status of the speaker. Constant-connected, Blinking-searching and Off-Off
  6. power_settings_new: On and off the button for the device.
  7. remove: Previous song and decrease volume button.
  8. add: Next song and increase volume button.
  9. TWS (True wireless): Press the TWS button to pair two TUBE speakers for stereo playback.
  10. play_arrow: Press to start or pause playback
  11. mic: Internal microphone, activated when you are in hands-free mode, during a phone call.




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