Location of controls


  1. Handle.
  2. SLEEP : It automatically turns off after the time that we have selected (15/30/45/60/75/90 minutes). Press repeatedly to select the time.
  3. AL SET : Alarm setting. With the radio turned off, press and hold to     start, then pressmceclip5.png :  to set the hour, minute, alarm type and volume. (Press AL SET to     confirm each step).

Note: Press to deactivate/activate the alarm. Using the keys on the top snooze the alarm, it repeats every 9 minutes. To stop completely press any of the keys on the front.

    4. CLOCK SET : Clock setting. With the radio turned off, press and hold to enter     the hour and minute setting mode. Press to confirm and then pulsamceclip5.png : to increase or reduce hours, confirm and then minutes, confirm.

    5. PROG : Automatic tuning. With the radio on, press and hold to     save all stations automatically.

    6. PRESETmceclip6.png  : Press to scroll through the tuned stations

    7. PRESETmceclip7.png : Press to scroll through the tuned stations.

    8. TELESCOPIC ANTENNA. Despliégala para sintonizar mejor.

    9. TUNING: Manual tuning. With the radio on, turn to tunes

    10. SCREEN.

    11. mceclip8.png : Headphone jack (not included). If you use headphones the batteries will     last longer since consumption is the least possible.

    12. DC 5V: Input for external power (not included) and battery charger.

    13. VOL+ : Press to increase the volume.

    14. VOL - : Press to decrease the volume.

    15. ON/STAND BY : (ON / OFF) Press to turn on and press again     to turn off the radio.

    16. BATTERY COMPARTMENT: In the back of the equipment. Uses     3 x 1.5V ALKALINE LR6 AA batteries (not included). You can also use     the rechargeable Li-ion 3.7V 800mAh mobile type battery (included).

    17. SPEAKER.

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