Text messages

New message received

When you receive a new text message the phone will emit a sound and a notification will be displayed on the screen. The icon will also be displayed on both the external and main screen.

To open the message:

1. Open the menu “Messages”/ “Inbox”. New messages will be marked with a closed envelope icon.

2. Press “Options / See” to open and read the message .

3. Each message will be marked with a “1” or “2” icon depending on the SIM card on which you have received the message.

NOTE: The new message icon will remain on the screen providing that there are unread messages.

Message options:

When you open a message, you can:

• See: Read the message.

• Respond: Respond to the message with another text message.

• Call – Call the person that sent you the message.

• Forward – Forward the message to another contact.

• Delete – Delete the current message

• Delete all: Delete all messages.

• Save to phone book: Save the number of the sender in the phone book.

• Order by: Order messages.

• Delete multiple: Delete several messages.

• Advanced settings: Open advanced messages to copy / move the messages to the SIM memory or the phone’s memory.

• Details – See the message’s delivery details.

Writing and receiving a message

Entering text:

The text input mode is the type of writing used in messages, when entering contacts, etc. The icon on the top left of the screen indicates the mode in use (predictive, numeric or multi-tap). Use the key to change the writing mode.



Change keyboard input method in text messages

The SPC Harmony keyboard has several input methods, predictive, standard and numeric. The predictive keyboard is set by default as the main keyboard. To switch between these different input methods, it is very simple, press the key “#"" (hash). 

NOTE: Every time a text message is to be written, the input method by default will always be predictive. 

Predictive input method


Standard input method


Numeric input method



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