Unstable conneciton with your speaker

Cutting out due to radio waves

Bluetooth devices can be affected by devices that emit radio waves. If your Bluetooth speaker has problems with cutting out or noise use the speaker away from Wi-Fi routers, computers, microwaves, refrigerators, etc.

The same problem may occur if the speaker is used near other Bluetooth devices. In this case, disable the Bluetooth function on the other devices.  

Bluetooth range

Bluetooth technology has a range depending on the Bluetooth class your speaker has and is usually a range of no more than 10 metres under optimal conditions. You can check the specific manual for each model.

High quality or large audio files

When playing music that has a large file size or in high resolution audio format. These situations can affect the Bluetooth communication. To fix it changes the quality of the files to be played.

Audio via the Internet

When music is streamed via the internet. The sound can be affected by the quality of the Internet connection. Check that your internet connection is stable. If not, play downloaded audio content.

If, the problem persists once all the situations have been reviewed, restart the Bluetooth devices and establish the connection again.      

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