Connection problems with your speaker

Wrong connection

Sometimes a Bluetooth connection is established with a device that you do not want to connect to or the connection is not been established correctly.  Check that the SPC speaker appears on the Bluetooth player. See the instruction manual for the link name for your speaker .

Connection profiles

When two Bluetooth devices establish a connection, they receive information about the protocol offered by the associated device. You can only link two Bluetooth devices if they share the same protocol, in the same way that two people use a common language to have a conversation.

Below are the most common Bluetooth profiles, check the instruction manual for the profiles each Bluetooth speaker supports. In turn, also check the Bluetooth player.

  • Advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP). Allows transmission of stereo audio signals.
  • Audio/video remote control profile (AVRCP). It is used to send commands from a speaker to a Bluetooth player, for example an MP4 player or smartphone.
  • Hands free profile (HFP), designed to control a mobile telephone from a fixed hands-free unit in a car.
  • Headset profile (HSP), provides the basic functions necessary for communication between a mobile telephone and a speaker.

If the problem persists once all of the possibles have been reviewed, restart the Bluetooth devices, and establish the connection again.      

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