Main functions of your SPC SMARTEE GO

From the main screen of your Smartee GO, you can navigate to manage the settings for of all functions 

Main functions

To navigate through the menus, just press the button. The screens you will see are as follows:


To exit a menu, just press the button until getting to the last option.

In the SMS screen you will see the last 7 notifications   you have received on the bracelet. Press and hold the button to delete the message

In the  functions screen, you can do the following: search your mobile, check your device information, carry out a factory reset,   turn your device off or adjust the brightness of the screen. 

A factory reset will erase all data and the date   and time will be set to 1/1/2017 and 00:00, respectively



On the sports page, you can access the 4 sports integrated into the bracelet:

-Skipping rope, Table tennis, Tennis and Badminton

To start a sport, simply press and hold the touch button for a few seconds and the bracelet will start monitoring it. To finish it, while on the sport screen, press and hold the button for a few seconds.


Remote camera

To use the remote camera function on this equipment, you must first access   this mode through the SMARTEE application of your mobile device or tablet. Once in camera mode, the wristband display will turn off and to take   the photo, you will have to do a couple of quick wrist turns.


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