Reading a book

The reading screen

The first thing you have to take into account when reading books on your Dickens is that the page is no longer like the books on paper, but change depending on several parameters, such as the size of the text, distance between lines and font that you use or reading.

In the image you can see the text is perfectly adjusted to the screen size of your Dickens, always accompanied by the progress bar, where you can get information about your reading process, the battery and the time.

Turning the page

As there are no pages, we have two controls (one on the right and one the left) with which we turn pages in either direction. It is comfortable for right-handers and left-handers, and also helps to avoid getting a tired arm (as we can change hands :) ).

Customise the reading experience

When you click on your Dickens’ menu, the contextual reading menu will be displayed with the following options that will help you to customise your reading.

Go to a page

Navigate to the 'Go to page' option and confirm with the central navigation key:

You will access this menu where you can go to the page your choice easily:

Text search

Select the 'Text search' option from the contextual reading menu:


Enter the words to search for and confirm the search:

Page settings: text size and font

This is one of the most important options, through which you can modify text size, line spacing and font. Please go to the 'Page settings’ option:

Add bookmark

If during the reading you find a page with content that you are interested in checking again later very quickly, you can add bookmarks. To do this, with the navigation keys select the option 'Add bookmark' that you will find in the contextual reading menu:

Content and bookmarks

Some electronic books, especially those that are well structured and books purchased in stores or public libraries are well structured. From the option 'Content and Bookmarks' you can access the the book contents, as well as the bookmarks that you have added through your Dickens.



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