The Dickens menu

Location of controls

Here you can find all the controls of your Dickens:



  1. E Ink
  2. Previous page
  3. Next page
  4. Go to the main menu
  5. Access the different submenus
  6. Navigation key
  7. Accept
  8. Go back in the menu
  9. Update the screen: Turn on/off light (only
  10. Previous page
  11. Next page
  12. Charge and off indicator
  13. On key
  14. USB port
  15. Micro SD card reader
  16. Reset

Main menu

This is main menu of your Dickens. In the following points we explain the functionality of each option:



In this option you will find a list of the most recent files that you have been reading the last few days, in this way you will be able to access the books that you are reading more easily.


Through this option you will be able to see all of the books that are in the internal memory of your Dickens.

You can add books to your Dickens in 3 different ways:

  1. Using the file browser (Windows) or Finder (Mac): make sure you copy the books to the Documents folder of the internal memory or memory card. If this folder was deleted or not there, you have to create a folder with that name and copy the files into it.
  2. Through Calibre: </ strong> Calibre is a wonderful application for lovers of digital reading. It is available for Windows and Mac and you can find more info in this article.
  3. Through Adobe Digital Editions: this is the application that will allow you to copy the books that you have bought or rented and that are compatible with Adobe DRM to Dickens. You can find more information in this article.


After copying content on to the device, turn it off and on so that the book's content updates. 
There is a list of all the folders that have text files in them and in the Documents folder of the internal memory of the device or the memory card. Press the navigation keys (6) and the centre key (7) to access the desired folder and view the different files. Select the desired text file using the navigation key (6) and press the centre key (7) to confirm. Press the key (5) to access the submenu for that option.


The reader has a function for displaying images and photos in JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF format with a maximum resolution of 4000x3000 pixels. That is why, if you try to open an image file with a higher resolution than this, the reader may behave abnormally or even stay locked. If this occurs, you must reset it. It is recommended not to attempt to open files with
resolution greater than 4000x3000 pixels. 

By accessing this option, you will be able to see all of the images on the internal or external memory of the reader. To do this you will have to save the images that you want to view later in the Pictures folder of the internal memory or the memory card. If you have
deleted this folder, you will have to create it again.

You can see a list with all the folders that have images that are in the Pictures folder.

You can create a screenshot by pressing the down arrow key on the eBook and refresh (9) at the same time. The screenshot will appear in the images section, inside the Screenshot folder.


After copying content on to the device, turn it off and on so that the book's content updates. 


From the file and folder browser you can access any of the files that you have copied to the reader.


Select this option to configure the device’s different parameters: Font, date and time, saving mode and language settings, among others.


Function that allows you to create notes. Press the button (5) to access the submenu and select the option "Save memory" to create a new notes file.


Calendar function

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