How do I link Smartee to my wearable?

If you have reached this point, it is because you have already downloaded the Smartee App  and also have an SPC wearable. Great! So let's start with the step-by-step guide so you can link them and start making the most of them. Take a look at our video or follow the steps below with all the details:

Log in as an SPC member

Do you already have your SPC account? If you do, that's great. Log in to the application with your regular account, where you'll have all your information stored. The download of the entire history will take a few minutes, so be patience.

You also have the option to remember your password, or recover it in your email if you have forgotten it.

If you're new , it’s really simple. Register as a new user with your email address and password, and fill in your details so we get to learn something about you. You are now a member of SPC’s Rocket Band!

Desde SPC we want to know what kind of athlete you are: what motivates you to do sports, what your habits are, etc. That's why we suggest that you take a small test that will help us to get to know you better. Are you a runner, or is a sofa and blanket more your thing?

Welcome to the connection wizard

We have turned on the wearable, installed the app... now what? Now it's time for the most important part: link our Smartwatch or Smartband to the Smartee app.

With this step you will:

     - Update the time on your wearable

     - Receive notifications from your smartphone on your wrist

     - Send all of your data about steps, calories, distances, sleep and workouts to the app.

If it is the first time that you open this version of the app, a connection wizard will pop up to help you start the link process. Go to "CONNECT" to start the process.

If the wizard did not pop up, you can always access the connection screen through the side menu, in the "DEVICES” section.

Start the linking

We are just one small step from having everything ready to be able to enjoy using our wearable. If it is the first time that you open this version of the app, you must "CONNECT A DEVICE".

Remember that the settings depend on the model connected to the app, so the willnot visible until there is a linked device.

To link your wearable, the app will guide you step by step. The first thing that you need to do is scan the serial number as indicated on the screen.

What is the serial number? It is this code that uniquely identifies your device. You will find it both on the box, as a bar code, also on the back of the Smartband or Smartwatch, as a number.

If you have any queries (about where the number is or how to scan the code, etc.) there are two ways to get information from this screen, that will help you using visual aids.

When you select "SCAN NUMBER", the app will take you directly to the scan screen. All you have to do is point your mobile telephone's camera at the bar code, and it will identify your serial number and your model. On the next screen, you just need to select the device, and that's all. It's that’s easy!

REMEMBER: For the connection to be successful, you need to have the Bluetooth active on both your mobile and the wearable, as well as accept Google's permissions.

The green OK indicates that that the connection was succesful, and your device should have updated the time, as well as showing on the screen that the connection has been made (every model shows this in a different way, which is explained in the relevant manual).

Does your mobile use iOS? In this case, remember to connect the second profile via the settings of your mobile, in the Bluetooth section. If the BT icon is shown in blue and green on the watch, you have do everything perfectly.

At the top of the app screen you will see that the device has connected and its status, with the option to disconnect below it. In addition, once the connection has been made, the settings section is updated, showing the options for that particular model.

What can I do if I do not have my serial number?

We know that this is a possible scenario: I have a device that linked to the previous app and I threw away the box, or the number printed on the back of my wearable is no longer readable, or even, the camera on my mobile or the bar codes are damaged and I cannot scan it.

Don't worry if you find yourself in any of these situations. There is a solution. The connection process is set up to help if you have any queries. You just need to go to "Where is my number?" on the connection start screen, and the app will guide you through how to link your device without needing to scan.

The app will initially give you the option to manually enter the serial number from the back of your wearable. If that does not help you, don't panic: en SPC, we have thought about how to help you, and the app will show you what to do if you have misplaced the number.

Do I have to scan the serial number every time I connect?

The answer is NO. The new Smartee has been designed so that when you disconnect, the serial number will be remembered in you list of "Previously connected devices". This way, you will not need the box, and by selecting the model from the list, you can connect directly. Scan just once and connect when you like!

It is also very useful for you becauseif you have any type of incident, you can contact our technical support, and by giving us the serial number, they can find much more information about your device and give you a more tailored solution.

Remember that you can have as many devices as you like in the list, but you can only be connected to one at a time. When you are connected to a wearable, it disappears from the list and becomes the connected device. Don’t worry, it hasn't disappeared.

You're now ready to use your device. Discover everything that Smartee can do for you in the next article "How can Smartee help me on a daily basis?". What are you waiting for?

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