How can I see my progress?

You've been using Smartee, but how do you see all of your progress so far? Very easy! Smartee has all of the information about your progress in its history. All within touching distance.

Take a look at this explanatory video, or check out the detailed information below:

My progress within reach

Thanks to your SPC account, all the activity data that you record are stored safely in your account so that, even if you change the version of the app you are using, or your mobile or wearable, you can recover all of the information and always have it available in the history.

You can view the history in weekly format so that you can check how many days you have reached the goals that you set and how many medals you've earned.

All of the bars are clickable. If you click on one of them you will immediately see a full summary of that day. Don’t miss any of your progress.

When viewing workouts in weekly view, if you have done more than one type of sport that week, you cansee them all by swiping from right to left, a shown in the .

But we know that progress is better seen over longer periods, and that is why Smartee has a monthly view where you can see your progress over the long term and not just the short term,

The monthly view shows a calendar showing steps, calories and distances regardless of whether the goal was acheived or not. This way it is intuitive to see you progress and find the motivation to complete the bars each day.

But also, by swiping the calendar from right to left, Smartee will show the monthly history for sports activities completed (as long as the device has this function). This way, every day you can see which sports you have done, how many sessions, and if the Olympic torch is shown, it indicates that you are a machine and you've done several different sports.

These details are also clickable and by clicking on them you are able to see the full details for that day or workout.

What can I see about my day?

By clicking on any day in the calendar you’ll be shown the full details for that date: steps, calories, distances, workouts, heart rate, sleep... Everything that you need to know is there.

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