How can Smartee help me on a daily basis?

If you have already connected your device, everything is ready for you to start enjoying using it?. What are you waiting for? Find out all that Smartee can do for you throughout your day.

Take a look at our video, or check out the detailed information below:

Smartee... What have I done today?

In the new Smartee you can see the full summary of your day: your activity (steps, calories, distances), your workouts, your heart rate and the quality of your rest.

REMEMBER: Smartee will only show the functionality available for your device. That is to say, if your wearable is not able to monitor sports or cardio, you will not see those functions, although we offer you the option of getting a more advanced device with a discount.

Smartee... How much have I moved today?

Your "MOVMENT" section has all of the information about your steps, calories and distances from your day. In here you can see how many steps you have taken, how many calories you have burned and the distance that equates to, and above all, how much of your daily goal you have managed to achieve.

For every wheel that you complete each day, your doughnut will turn green and you will receive a medal. Also, your percentage will help you by showing you how much towards your goal you have done, or how much you had left to reach it. Don't be overwhelmed if you don't meet them all! The key is to set real goals and feel good.

If your device monitors sports, steps, calories and distances, all of your movement will be added together, so that you have an overall view of everything.

Smartee... How much have I worked out?

If your wearable tracks sports, Smartee will record all of your sessions, and you can navigate through them to see the detail.

Smartee... How’s my heart doing?

If your device has a heat rate monitor, you can see your heart rate in the app. Smartee gives you the data for the maximum recorded rate, as well as the average of the samples taken throughout the day, and puts your heart rate on a scale with colours, which goes from rest up to your heart rate limit.

It is for this reason that we need to know your personal data such as age, sex, etc. The limit varies depending on these parameters, as do the different heart rate bands.

Smartee... What was my sleep like last night?

Because sleep is important to perform and be healthy, with Smartee you can see the rest that your Smartband or Smartwatch has recorded.

Your wearable recognises if your sleep was light, deep or if, on the contrary,you were awake, and performs a calculation of the quality and duration of your rest based on it.

Todo lo que puedo hacer desde mi App Smartee...

Accediendo al menú principal de la App, tendrás acceso a todo lo que Smartee te ofrece:

     - Ver mi perfil: datos personales, configuración de objetivos, etc.

     - Ir a "HOY" para ver la actividad del día.

     - Revisar el histórico de todos los datos que has ido registrando en la App.

     - Gestionar distintos dispositivos y sus ajustes.

     - Contactar con el soporte técnico, consultar los vídeos de ayuda y los artículos relacionados.

Todos mis datos en el mismo sitio

En el perfil de usuario podrás configurar toda la información necesaria para que tus resultados sean lo más ajustados posible. You an also change your password, update your answers to the questions, or update your daily objectives.

Now that you know how it works, how about we see how to monitor your progress? Visit our "How can I see my progress?" article and discover more about your Smartee app. 

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