Main functions of your SMARTEE SPORT

From the main screen of your Smartee Sport, you can navigate to manage the settings for of all functions 

Main functions

To navigate the side menus , simply slide your finger horizontally from left to right. The screens that you will see are as follows:

From the main screen, you can see the steps, standing time and calories if you slide your finger down from the top.

While if you slide your finger up from the bottom, you can activate the battery saving mode (*), flashlight and do not disturb functions.

Note: When you exit the battery saving mode, the clock restarts.


To go back on any screen swipe to the right. The following example shows how to get back from a specific sport (in this case, running) to the main sports menu.

From the functions screen you can do the following: check messages or enter settings to perform a factory reset or enter settings for other options. 

Swipe left to delete the message

Press the trash icon to delete all messages


When restoring the factory settings all data will be deleted and the date and time will be set to 00:00 and 1/1/2017, respectively

Activate the exercise mode to associate it with the shortcut key. The default mode is running. 


On the sports page, the types of sport are classified according to the frequency of the exercise. The type of exercise is ordered by the frequency with which each exercise is practised. The exercises that are practised most are at the beginning, and those that least are at the end.

Click on the 3 bars icon to see the movement history. Slide your finger to the left to see the last three exercises completed.

In swimming mode, the watch can only be used through the physical buttons of the device.


There are 7 running modes from which you can choose the most appropriate.

CPET: Cardiopulmonary exercise test

Cardiopulmonary tests are based on the maximum distance and heart rate of the runner in 12 minutes, with 5 ratings: Excellent, Good, Normal, Poor, Very Poor. The 12-minute Cooper test allows you to measure the maximum oxygen consumption.


-Beginners over 35 years old with no athletics experience should be tested after two or three months of training and be examined by a doctor

-If you have any cardiovascular or other type of illness, please consult a doctor before performing the tests.

When accessing a sport, the last used mode will appear first. For example, if the last time you selected running mode, you took the Cooper Test, it will appear first.


Sports settings

You can choose the sports you want to monitor accurately during training and access the statistics in real time on the screen.

Touch this icon to enter the clock settings.

If HR high/low is set, the watch will vibrate to notify of it.


Illumi Run

The colour of the wallpaper is set according to the heart rate and blinks at the pace of the stride. The blinking will stop when you turn your wrist to see the data

See sports results

During the exercise, slide your finger to the right, or press the right side button to pause. On the pause page, slide your finger up or down or press the ↓ button to see the pause time, activity time, heart rate or activity distance. Press the upper left side button to continue the exercise.

The colour of the number will change with the heart rate.

Red: Anaerobic (220-Age) x90%~100% (Excluding 100%)

Pink: Extreme (220-Age) x80%~90% (Excluding 90%)

Orange: Aerobic (220-Age) x70%~80% (Excluding 80%)

Green: Fat burning (220-Age) x60%~70% (Excluding 70%)

Blue: Calentamiento (220-Age) x50%~60% (Excluding 60%)



The heart rate interval varies according to the physical condition of each person.


GPS use


Before starting the exercise, the watch will remind you to activate the GPS if it is disabled.

After accepting, it will locate the satellite.

When the GPS icon is red, it means is searching for a signal.

When you have found the signal, the exercise will start automatically after the countdown. If you hold down the ↓ button, you will start the exercise without waiting for the countdown.

The clock will show the colour and value of the current heart rate zone before starting the exercise. Tap "Do not remember" so this information will not show next time unless the clock is reset.

Get Satellite Signals

The device may need a clear view of the sky to obtain satellite signals. Going out to an outdoor open area will help you to get it. The front of the device should face the sky. Wait while the device locates satellites. It can take between 30 and 60 seconds.

Improve GPS satellite coverage

Synchronise the device with the application often. Place the device outdoors in an open area, away from trees and tall buildings. Stay still for a few minutes.


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