Other functions

Via this ORGANISER menu you can access the alarm, calendar, calculator, flashlight and file manager functions.


Via this option, you can configure up to 5 different alarms. Select one of the alarms (by default they are deactivated) and press EDIT to configure it:

1. Status: Use the M1/M2 keys to activate/deactivate the alarm.

2. Press the navigation key to scroll down the list. In the next menu option, enter the alarm time.

3. Define the time after which you want the alarm to sound again, after having been paused for the first time.

4. Select the frequency (once, every day, custom), the alarm tone and type of alarm.

5. Select alarm tone.

6. Select alarm type: vibrate and ring, ring only, vibrate only.

7. Once edited, press SAVE to save the changes. An icon will appear at the top of the screen.


File manager

Via this option, you can access files stored in the telephone memory or on the micro-SD memory card.


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