FM radio

Connect standard headphones (3.5mm) to the telephone's headphone jack. Make sure they are connected correctly.

To listen to the radio, go to the Multimedia/FM Radio menu:

- key – Press this key to turn on/off the radio. When turned on, the station information will be displayed on the home screen.

- M1/M2 keys – press these keys to search radio stations automatically.

- Up/down navigation keys - press these keys to change the selected frequency.

- Side volume keys - press to increase/decrease the volume.

From the options menu (OPT), you can carry out automatic and manual search of stations, see the list of stations found, record the radio broadcast, select the memory for the recordings to be stored and access the list of recordings.

To start a recording, press the "Record" option in the menu to start recording. Press "Pause" to pause, "Contin" to continue and "Cancel" to end the recording.

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