Activate the camera by pressing the navigation key down or accessing from the menu.


Use the numeric keypad to change the camera settings.

- Up/down navigation keys - press repeatedly to zoom in/out.

- 1 key – press repeatedly to change the size of the image.

- 2 key – press repeatedly to change the quality of the image.

- 4 key – press repeatedly to modify the white balance.

- 5 key – press to take the photo.

- 6 key – press repeatedly to set the timer.

- 8 key – press repeatedly to activate/deactivate the flash.

- 0 key – press to switch from photo camera mode to video camera.

- * and # keys - press repeatedly to modify the exposure (EV).

Once the photo has been taken, the photo will be automatically saved. Press Back to take another photo or press OPT Delete to delete the photo. You can also send it via Bluetooth from OPT/Send via Bluetooth.


With the camera on, go to camera options to switch to video mode. You can access directly from the Multimedia menu/Video recording.

Press OPT in each of the modes (camera or camcorder) to access the camera/video camera options and modify the effect settings, white balance, etc.

Audio and video player

From these menu options you can play the audio and videos stored in the memory of the phone or on the memory card.

The files need to be saved in My Music (audio) and Videos (videos) so that the phone recognises the files and adds them to the playlist.

Press OPT to access the playback options.


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