Text messages

New message received

When you receive a new text message, the telephone beeps and displays a message on the screen. In addition, the icon will be displayed on the external and main screens.

To open the message:

1. Go to the Messages/Received menu. New messages are marked with a closed envelope icon .

2. Press Options/View to open and read the message.

3. Each message will be marked with an "1" or "2" icon depending on the SIM card via which the message was received.

NOTE: The new message icon will remain on the screen whenever there are unread messages.

Message options

When you open a message, you can:

View - read the message

Reply - reply with another text message

Call - call the person who sent you the message

Forward - forward the message to another contact

Delete - delete the current message

Delete all - delete all messages


Write and send a message

Text entry

The text entry mode is the type of letter that is used in messages, when entering contacts, etc. The icon in the upper left indicates the mode used (predictive, numerical or by typing). Use the corresponding option that appears on the screen to change the writing mode.

Writing a message

1. Go to the Messages/Write message menu

2. Enter the text and press OPT and then SEND TO.

3. Enter the recipient's number or search for it in the telephone book. Add as many recipients as you wish.

4. Once the recipients are entered, press OPT and then SEND. Select the SIM from which you want to send the message.


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