Charging of telephone

To charge the telephone, connect the adapter provided in the box into any plug in your home.

Connect the other end of the power lead to the rear connector of the charging dock.

The green light on the charging dock will light up. Place the telephone on the dock to charge the battery. A message will appear on the screen if the connection is good.

If the telephone is switched off, after a few seconds, the battery icon will be displayed for a few seconds only. When charging is complete, the completed charging icon will be displayed.

Important charging information:

For the first use, charge the battery for approximately 12 hours. Subsequently, if the telephone is left on the base overnight it will be enough to keep the battery charged. If the phone is not used for a long time, remove the battery.

If the battery has not been used for an extended period of time or if it is depleted, the display of the telephone may not work when the battery is recharged. Once the battery has been charging for a while, you can turn the telephone on to use it.

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