Location of controls


1. Earphone
2. Screen
3. Left function key/menu mode
4. Up/down navigation keys/standby mode, up key to access the call image and key down for the camera/In camera mode and in magnifying mode, to zoom/In sound recorder mode, down key to play/In FM radio mode, adjust the broadcast frequency
5. Dial/Answer key/Show call log
6. Direct memories M1 - M2
7. Numeric keypad
5 key– with the camera activated, press to take photo/with the video activated, press to record

* key – press twice to show “+” for ES and international calls
# key – press and hold to switch between the silent profile (meeting) and the profile General/In FM radio mode and video player, to increase the volume
8. Message keyboard
9. On/Off/End Call/Reject Call/Return to Home Screen key
10. Right function key/contact list mode/Return to the previous function/Silent mode when a call is received
11. Vol + and Vol - Audio volume control keys, ringer
12. Flashlight/flash key - press and hold to activate/deactivate flashlight or flash
13. External screen
14. Headphones connector
15. Power supply connector
16. Torch
17. Camera
18. SOS key
19. Speaker
20. MicroSD card slot
21. SIM 1 slot
22. SIM 2 slot


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