From this menu you can manage profiles, modify SIM settings, telephone and network settings, configure SOS emergency numbers and direct dialling M1 and M2, etc.

Profiles – Select and set the ring type for calls, alarms, messages, volume, etc. By default the selected profile is General.

Dual SIM settings – Select the operating mode of the phone for when there are two
SIM cards inserted: Dual mode (both available), SIM 1 only, SIM 2 only.

Telephone – Set time and date, language, screen, airplane mode (wireless connections are
disabled), shortcut key, etc.

Red – Network settings.

SOS settings – Status, Enter the SOS numbers to which the phone will call consecutively and send the alert message when the SOS key is pressed, warning tone.

Speed dial – Configure direct memories: M1, M2, 1 to 9 keys.

Security – Access the SIM card security settings (activation and modification of the PIN), as well as the phone (activation and modification of the startup password).

Conectivity – Bluetooth – Set the status, visibility, name, etc. of the Bluetooth connection. Link new devices such as Bluetooth headsets via the "search audio device” option and modify your preferences via advanced settings.

Call – Set advanced call features such as call waiting, call diversion and restriction. Check with your operator for more information about these services. You can also configure other functions such as black list, redial, call time display, call time notification and preferred answer mode..

Default values – Select this option to restore the default values. This option is password protected (default 1122).


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