Bluetooth Connection

What profiles and compatibilities do SPC Ebon have?

Your SPC Ebon use Bluetooth version 5.0 with the following profiles:

- Advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP). Allows transmission of stereo audio signals.

- Audio/video remote control profile (AVRCP). It is used to send commands from a speaker to a Bluetooth player, for example an MP4 or smartphone.

- Hands free profile (HFP), designed to control a mobile phone from a fixed hands-free unit in the car.

- Headset Profile (HSP), provides the basic functions necessary for communication between a mobile phone and a speaker.

First pairing

Through a music player with a Bluetooth connection (smartphone, tablet, MP3, MP4 ...) you can listen to your music through your SPC Ebon.

To make a new connection to SPC Ebon via Bluetooth you will have to activate the Bluetooth connection on your device. Once this connection is activated, you will have to search for your SPC Ebon in the list of Bluetooth devices detected. Once selected, the earphones will emit an established connection sound.


Modo mono

Already mentioned, the right earpiece is the so-called master earphone. So, if you only remove the left earphone from the charging case, SPC Heron Mono appears in the list of detected Bluetooth devices. You can connect to the left earphone, leaving it unused.

Hands free

If you have linked a smartphone to your SPC Ebon you can use the hands-free function thanks to the microphone that the right earphone has.


When you receive a call, you will hear the ring tone through the earphones. To answer the call, press the right or left earphone briefly. To hang up, press the earphone again.


To switch from headset mode to phone mode, press and hold one of the headphones for 2 seconds. Then, continue the conversation over the phone.


Alternatively, if you want to reject the call while it is ringing, press and hold the left or right earpiece for two seconds. This will reject the incoming call.


¿Qué controles utilizo en modo Bluetooth?

The playback controls in Bluetooth mode are as follows:

The Bluetooth playback mode controls are as follows: Press it again to resume playback. Both the left and the right earpiece perform the same action.


Press and hold the right earphone to play the next song.

Press and hold the left earphone to play the previous song.


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