In the settings menu, you can configure the following main options:


You can define the screen-on duration when activated (5 to 30 seconds), change the menu view, adjust the screen brightness, and change the watch face.

You can change the watch face from the home screen by rotating the rotary button.

Vibration and Ringtone

To select the alert mode (vibration, ringtone) and its intensity.

Low Power

In this Low Power mode, vibration is turned off, quick view is disabled, and screen brightness is reduced.


This is a mode that turns off vibration and reduces brightness, designed for theater events.

Always On

Allows you to have the time permanently displayed on the screen. You can select either a digital or analog clock. Please note that this mode reduces battery life, typically to about three days with this configuration.

Find phone

Pressing this option activates an audible signal on the phone to locate it, provided the watch is within Bluetooth range of the phone.


To power off the phone, restart (power off and on again), and reset it to factory settings.



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