Waterproofing of SPC SMARTEE DUO 2


This watch is water resistant, complying with the IPX8 classification of IEC standard 60529: maximum depth of 1.5 metres for a maximum of 35 minutes and no movement. If any of these variables are modified (movement of the watch under water, high impact water shocks, currents, etc.), the watch's ability to protect itself against water may be altered. For this reason, the watch is not suitable for activities such as diving or swimming. In other water sports, mainly surface sports such as rowing or sailing, for example, it is possible to use the watch, but it must be taken into account that in these situations the depth, time and mobility variables are likely to be altered, so the use of the watch in these circumstances is not recommended. The salinity of the water is another variable that could alter the protective capacity of the watch against water, so it is not advisable to use it in salty water either.

Furthermore, it must be taken into account that the water resistance capacity is not permanent, it decreases as time goes by and the device is used, so that damage caused by liquids is not covered by the warranty.

Microphone and speaker 

The SPC SMARTEE DUO 2 features a microphone and speaker. When submerged in water, water will enter and the audio quality may not be the same until the water exits the speaker.

In these cases, the WaterDrainage function should be used, available in the shortcuts, which activates the speaker with a specific audio frequency to shake and remove water droplets that may have adhered to the watch's speaker.


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