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In the main menu, you can find the following detailed functions. First, the main ones are shown, which come by default with quick access. And then, the secondary ones, accessible from the Functions Menu.


When the watch is synchronized with an Android or iOS phone through the SPC SMARTEE app, this function allows managing phone calls.

The screen has three sections:

  1. Log: List of recent calls. By tapping on one of them, a phone call to that number is made.
  2. Dial: Numeric keypad for dialing a phone number.
  3. Contacts: List of contacts synchronized with the phone. These contacts are added from the SPC SMARTEE app. By tapping on the contact, a phone call to that number is made.

When receiving a call, the watch will notify it on the screen, with sound and vibration (according to the settings), and you can answer it from the watch itself.

If you answer or make a call from the watch, you can converse with the other user from the device itself, as it has a microphone and speaker.


In this screen, the total number of steps taken during the current day is displayed.

By swiping up, you can see the details, with a chart showing the distribution of steps taken per hour, calories consumed, and distance traveled.


This function allows access to the voice assistant of the synchronized phone. Thus, for example, you can make voice queries with vocal response on the watch itself, select a song to play in your car, etc.


You can check your current heart rate and view the chart of historical measurement values.


Control your blood oxygen level instantly and see the minimum and maximum of the day.

Keep in mind that you must be still and have the watch securely fastened to your wrist during the measurement.


If the watch has obtained your phone's location, you can check the updated weather forecast for today and the following 5 days.

To get the weather information, your phone's location is needed. You can ensure this by opening Google Maps on Android or Maps on iOS, verifying that what is shown matches your current location. Once confirmed, open SPC SMARTEE and sync the watch so it can obtain the necessary information to display the weather screen.


In this function, the watch monitors the hours and quality of sleep and locates them on a graph.

The graph shows the light sleep and deep sleep times of the last seven days.

Keep in mind that the data for the last sleep is shown at the end of the current day, when the sleep hours can be totaled.


Control the compatible multimedia content you are playing on your mobile. Allows you to play, stop, advance, and rewind each of the audios.


In this function, you can access over 100 available sports.

To start a sport, simply enter the list of sports and select the one you want to monitor.



Access the list of exercises performed, in chronological order. By clicking on each one, you can access its details (depending on the type of exercise: exercise duration, steps, distance, calories, heart rate).


You can enable the Women's Health option from the SPC SMARTEE app in the main menu.

From SPC SMARTEE, you can set the usual duration of the period, the usual duration of the cycle, and set the start date of the last period.

You can also set the time and the number of days in advance that you want the device to notify you that your period and ovulation are about to start.

Once configured, you will be able to see the period forecast, fertile window, and ovulation on the watch and in the app.

*Warning*  This function is purely informative and should not be used instead of other methods of pregnancy protection.



It shows the messages that arrive on your mobile device, as long as both are linked via the SPC SMARTEE app.


On this screen, a shutter button will appear, which when pressed will take a photo with the mobile camera.


Check and enable/disable alarms configured through SPC SMARTEE.


Press the green play button


This screen features 8 circles with set countdown times.


Provides quick access to settings that turn off vibration and lower brightness, intended for theater-type events.


Illuminates the screen to its maximum brightness for flashlight function.

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