Main Functions


From the home screen of your SMARTEE DUO 2, you can navigate to manage all functions.

To navigate through the different screens available on your watch, you can swipe vertically, horizontally, and/or tap to access them.

This is the structure of the first accessible functions of the watch:

To exit a menu, simply press the home button or swipe in the opposite direction.



Swiping down from the main dial, you can check the shortcuts.

At the top right is the battery status icon. You can also view and, in some cases, easily toggle functions from left to right and top to bottom:

- Connection status: displays the Bluetooth connection status.

- Do not disturb: activates "Do Not Disturb" mode to avoid distractions.

- Phone function connection: displays and toggles the connection with the phone call function.

- Water drainage: activates the speaker with a specific audio frequency to shake and remove water droplets that may have adhered to the watch speaker.

- Brightness level: selects the screen brightness level.

- Weather: Direct access to the Weather function.

- Settings: Different settings described in a separate section.



Swiping up from the main dial, you can check your notifications, provided you have connected the watch to the SMARTEE app and granted the corresponding permissions and settings.

You can clear them from the watch by pressing "Clear all" at the bottom.



Swiping from right to left, you will find the device screens that come by default: Phone, Steps, Assistant, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Weather. By clicking on Add (+), you can add new screens. If you want to delete a screen, hold and click on the (-) icon.



Swiping from left to right on the home page, you can access the quick access menu of all watch functions. You can change the menu type in Settings.

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