Battery, Charging, and Autonomy


To charge your watch, bring the cable connector close to the rear pins. The built-in magnets will ensure a proper connection. To finish, connect the USB end to a charging USB port.

In less than 3 hours, you can have your device fully charged to enjoy it for about 7 days, depending on usage.




Autonomy values ​​largely depend on the watch's configuration and activity performed, and can also vary depending on the smartphone and other external factors.

Autonomy in typical use is 7 days. Typical use: cardio measurement every 10 minutes, screen brightness at 50%, and 2 hours of weekly sports monitoring.

Autonomy in intensive use is 4 days. Intensive use: cardio measurement every 5 minutes, screen brightness at 75%, and 4 hours of weekly sports monitoring.

In battery saver mode, autonomy is 10 days. Battery saver: like typical use but with minimum brightness and no vibration or quick view.



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