Waterproofing of SPC SMARTEE 4G KIDS


The SPC SMARTEE 4G KIDS model features an IP68 water resistance protection, which means it guarantees the device can be submerged up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. Any variation outside this standard does not guarantee the waterproofing of the SPC SMARTEE 4G KIDS.


Microphone and speaker 

The SPC SMARTEE 4G KIDS features a microphone and speaker. When submerged in water, water will enter, and the audio quality may not be the same until the water exits the speaker.

Simply leave it for a few minutes and the water will come out on its own. Otherwise, you can shake the watch a bit until the water comes out completely.

*Resistance to splashes, water, and dust is not permanent and may decrease due to regular use and damage it may suffer. The warranty does not cover damages caused by liquids.*

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