These are the available functions, in the order they are displayed:


From here you can access the dialing keypad, call log, and selected contact list and call them.

Incoming calls can also be received. The ringtone and/or vibrator will sound, and the call can be answered or rejected.

During the call, it is possible to record the conversation.

In the settings, ringtones and vibration mode can be configured. In the application SMART CLAN, certain call modes and restrictions can be defined.



You can chat through messages with a single user or send a message to all devices linked through family chat. You can also send emojis. To send a voice message, press and hold the "PUSH" button while the message lasts. Release the button to send the message.

Family chat members can send voice messages, text messages, and emojis.


Video call:

You will be able to make and receive video calls with established contacts from the SMART CLAN app.

To do this, you must select the contact and press Video Call. Communication will be established, with bidirectional audio and video. Similarly, you can accept video call requests. On the screen, the interlocutor's video image will appear. You will hear the conversation sound through the integrated speaker. You can mute your own microphone.



With this function, you can receive SMS messages and reply with predefined SMS messages.


Add friends:

You can connect several SMARTEE 4G KIDS.

This way, you can chat with friends who have the same watch model.

Both watches must be near each other, a friend request will be generated and received by the other watch, which can be accepted. Once the link is created, the friend's name will appear in the contact list and it will be possible to chat and make video calls.

The caregiver's phone will receive a notification that the child has added a new friend.



Here you will find the QR and code to link it with the SMART CLAN application, something like this:



The watch counts the steps you have taken in your day, you can see the daily total here.

In the SMART CLAN App, you can have a history and set a daily goal. By default, this goal is set to 8000 daily steps.



From here you can take photos with the front camera.

The main use of the watch camera is for video conferencing. Photos can be taken, but they are for local use only, they cannot be accessed remotely or transferred.

NOTE: There is a total maximum available memory space for voice recordings, about 11 minutes, and for user photos, about 75-80 photos.



Here you can view your photos.



You will have a stopwatch available, with stop and reset functions.


Voice recording:

You can take voice notes using this tool.

On this screen, you can also configure the format of the recordings: wav, mp3 or amr.

You can also access the recording files.

NOTE: There is a total maximum available memory space for voice recordings, about 11 minutes, and for user photos, about 75-80 photos.



Here are the settings for the SPC SMARTEE 4G KIDS.


Information about the alarms configured on the watch. These alarms can only be configured and activated/deactivated from the Smart Clan application.


Watch language selection: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German.


Screen brightness selection.


With the following settings:

  • Volume: Ringtone volume.
  • Incoming ringtone: Ringtone selection.
  • SMS tone: Selection of SMS message alert tone.
  • Alert type: Ring, Vibrate, Silent, Ring and vibrate.


  • Watch type: Selection of the watch display. There are 19 screens available. Available screens:

  • Watch mode: 12 or 24 hours.


Watch screen duration:

  • Always ON, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 seconds.

Clear cache:

For memory cleanup and storage space release.

  • Call records: Delete call records.
  • Chat space: Clear chat history.


  • Model info, Version number, IMEI.


  • WiFi: To activate the watch's Wi-Fi connection. It scans visible Wi-Fi networks. You have to select the Wi-Fi Access Point, Connect, and enter its access key.

NOTE: It is possible to operate the watch with Wi-Fi connection only, without operator SIM card, with certain limitations.

    • It allows connection with the SMART CLAN application, perform bidirectional Chat, Video Call, and Location.
    • It does not allow: Making and receiving phone calls.
  • VoLTE: To activate/deactivate VoLTE function. By default Open (activated). VoLTE is a feature that allows making and receiving phone calls on the 4G network, without the need to switch to 3G or 2G.
  • System update: For detecting and downloading new Software versions.
  • Access points: Operator APN configuration. Access Points (APNs) are your operator's parameters for proper data connection.

NOTE: The watch has preconfigured APNs from the main operators. If you cannot get the watch to connect, you must correctly configure those values by requesting them from your operator. In this menu, you can Edit existing APNs or Add a new APN.  

  • Power off: To turn off or restart (turn off and on) the watch.

NOTE: It is possible to disable the watch's shutdown from the SMART CLAN application. See the corresponding section.


SOS Function:

The watch's side button can perform the emergency SOS function.

By continuously pressing the side button (about 5 seconds), it starts calling the emergency contacts (without horn sound) sequentially, as they are ordered in the agenda.

Configuration is done from the SMART CLAN application. Up to three emergency contacts can be configured.

It calls 3 cycles and then stops if nobody answers. If a contact answers the call, communication is established through speaker and microphone.

This function is configured in the SPC SMART CLAN application, in the contact list. Check this section.

In the app, in Notifications, successful and unsuccessful SOS call attempts appear.

NOTE: It should be noted that if the called contact's voicemail jumps, it will be considered as an answered call.


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