First Boot of the SMARTEE 4G KIDS Watch

1. Fully charge the watch:

Connect the charging cable included in the equipment to a standard USB charger (5 volts) and to the magnetic charging terminals of the watch, as shown in the figure.

During charging, briefly press the power button to display the battery icon with the charging status.

When reaching 100%, the message "Charge complete" appears, and the battery icon is completely filled in green.

The estimated charging time with the recommended standard charger is less than 3 hours.

Recommended charger: Input 100-240Vac 50/60Hz; output 5V 1000mA.


2. Insert the SIM card:

It is recommended to deactivate the PIN of the SIM card before inserting it.

The watch supports the use of SIM cards with a PIN, but it is advisable to remove the PIN to facilitate the startup of the watch for the user, avoiding typing a PIN.

This PIN cannot be removed from the watch; for this, you can use any mobile phone.

On the left side of the watch, there is the SIM card tray. We remove it with the help of the extractor that comes included in the box, place the card, and reinsert it into the slot. The card has a NanoSIM format (the smallest SIM format). To place it in the correct position, observe the position of the notch in one of its corners.

Extractor tool:


3. Watch startup:

On the right side, we find the watch's power button. We will hold it down for a few seconds until the screen turns on.

After startup, if the SIM card has a PIN, the watch requests this PIN. Sometimes you have to wait a few seconds for the watch to finish initializing before you can enter the PIN. Enter the PIN and press the check box.

The language selection screen appears: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and German. Spanish is selected by default. Confirm by pressing the chosen language.

The main screen appears. We will wait a few seconds for the device to start up completely and connect. By sliding the screen down, we can see the status bar:

At startup, the operator's name appears for a few seconds when starting or restarting, then disappears, and 4G appears to make room for the other elements of the status bar.


4. Watch pairing:

The watch must be paired with a mobile phone (Android or iOS) that has the SPC SMART CLAN management application installed. See the SMART CLAN section for installation.

On the watch, while on the home screen (the one that shows the time), swipe right to left to navigate through the menus until you find one labeled "Pair."

Tap on it; a QR code will appear, and at the bottom, an alphanumeric code associated with the watch's IMEI. If this code does not appear, check the connection of the watch (mobile coverage or Wi-Fi) and try again.

From this step, we continue configuring the pairing in the SMART CLAN Application. See that section.

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